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Inclusive Frameworks in K-12 CS Education

1. Key Knowledge and Understanding

Key knowledge and understanding is derived from standards, and success skills include critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, and self-management. -Clear learning goals tied to standards.

UDL Teacher Practices

UDL Recommendation

Introduce new concepts and CS Big Ideas by anchoring them to previously-taught content and everyday examples. Utilize accessible materials, provide different access points, make learning goals clear, regularly check for understanding, and encourage collaboration and self-management.

Teacher Practices Checklist
  • Use vocabulary in service of understanding rather than teaching content in isolation.
  • Introduce new concepts by anchoring them to previously-taught content and everyday examples, highlighting possible misconceptions.
  • Introduce content with different access points.
  • Make learning goals clear to students and
  • Utilize accessible materials.

CRP Teacher Practices

CRP Recommendation

Facilitate students’ development of personalized connections with the content based on lived experiences, backgrounds and interests.